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Web Site Hosting

You built a great looking web site for me, now what?

Once you have a completed web site it will need to be made available on the Internet. This requires a server, a special kind of computer that knows about your web site and can answer requests for various pages of your site and the programs that help make it all work. Your web site will need to be "hosted" on a server somewhere so that it's available 24 hours a day. You can buy your own server and the connection you need to the Internet, but the cost is prohibitive. Companies that offer hosting share their servers with many customers to spread the costs out and make a reasonable monthly payment an available option to web site owners.

Hosting services include minor web site updates, email account maintenance, a secure server for credit card and other sensitive transactions, and regular submissions to hundreds of search engines in an effort to keep traffic flowing through your web site. Hosting fees start at $40/month.

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