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What do you want to accomplish with your web site (check all that apply):
    Simple internet presence for your business
    Mail order sales
    Retail sales
    Other sales (real estate, auto, etc.)
    Global marketing
    Local marketing
    Dispense information (documents, files, video, etc.)
    Consultations (doctors, lawyers, experts)
    In-house support (provide information to company employees)
    Provide online services

Will you need:

    Page Design (HTML programming, layout)
    Graphics Design (logos, buttons, images, scanning)
    Programming Services (database interface, shopping cart, etc.)
    Domain Name (www.your_company.com, email@your_company.com)
    Web Server
    Site Maintenance

What type of business is it?

Will the information in the site need:

Is there any other information you would like to add?

Contact Information:

- Your Name
- Company Name
- Street Address
- City
- State or Province
- Zip or Postal Code
- Work Phone

- Country
- Home Phone
- Email Address


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