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Search Engine Placement

How do people find your web site?

If you plan on running a full page ad in the NY or LA Times this is not of much concern. But for the rest of us attention to search engine algorythms should be a high priority. Getting noticed and ranked high enough to bring relevant traffic to your web site is an important part of the design process. Search engines look at many areas of a web site and make their decisions based on a number of factors, so you'll need a lot more than "meta tags". There's always a catch.... Search engines will list your site for free, and you can have the top spot if you want it bad enough. The bad news is it can take months just to get your site recognized by the major engines, and there's no guaranty that you'll ever appear on any search engine at all. They promise nothing. You'll also be competing with other businesses for a top spot. Life at the top is fleeting at best. Getting good placement and keeping it requires a lot of hard work and a good working knowledge of the little tricks that can get you past the speed bumps on your way to your share of Internet gold....

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